Nuovi Kayak Tours a Wildcoast Adventures’ Nuova posizione

Wildcoast Adventures è in un nuovo percorso che significa che stiamo offrendo nuovi tour in kayak!!!

Wildcoast Adventures ha trovato una nuova sede! Ora, in posizione centrale nel "centro" Quathiaski Cove, sulla bellissima isola di Quadra, British Columbia. Non solo siamo a pochi passi dal fiume Campbell e la Quadra Island BC Ferry, we are also adjoined to a tasty local coffee shop and breakfast hub. This could end up costing us more than we thought….!

This new, sunny and convenient location was a fortunate twist of events for us here at Wildcoast. It has put us in a position where we’d be crazy NOT to add some new kayak tours {…..drum roll please……}

Wildcoast Adventures now offers these kayak tours:

Please contact us directly using our contact form below to book your sea kayak tour today!


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