Sea Kayak Vacations on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada

Awesome kayaking vacations to Johnstone Strait, Desolation Sound, and the Discovery Islands that will have you bringing a backpack full of memories home

Whether you are looking to enter the best whale watching waters of the west coast or surround yourself with towering mountains and gentle seas, these kayak trips in and around Vancouver Island provide adventure and escape into the wilderness.

Select your sea kayak vacation and plan your escape:


Sea kayaking with island and mountain views, diversi incontri della fauna selvatica, ricco e abbondante di vita inter-marea e lagune color smeraldo. After setting up your tent each night get lost in the stars as you roast marshmallows by the campfire. A kayak trip with just the right mix of serenity and adventure!
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Have you always dreamed of kayaking with orcas (assassino balene)? Then a sea kayak trip at our exclusive Orca Camp will amaze you. Orca Camp is located directly beside the Robson Bight reserve in Johnstone Strait, ospita sia residenti e orche transienti. Paddle everyday and enjoy delicious gourmet meals and sleeping in spacious safari tents each night.
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Paddling through spectacular fjords and under towering mountains while viewing coastal wildlife, poi nuotare nelle acque calde del nord del Messico. Desolation Sound’s vistas will take your breath away on this remote kayak trip.
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Si prega di leggere i nostri termini e condizioni al momento della prenotazione del viaggio. Al ricevimento della prenotazione, noi consigliamo di qualsiasi informazione è necessaria. Tutti i moduli necessari sono forniti durante il processo di prenotazione e deve essere firmato e ricevuto prima del vostro arrivo.

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