Quadra Island Adventures

Fabulous Adventures with Friends of Wildcoast!

Do you have an extra day at the beginning or end of your trip and want to add another Quadra Island adventure that the region is known for? Wildcoast has teamed with the best local companies who are offering their adventures to Wildcoast guests. From an exhilarating ride down a mountain trail to a relaxing massage followed by a day at the beach, get the most out of your trip by adding one of these fun adventures.

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Nuyumbalees Cultural Centre

Aboriginal Tour (2 営業時間)
Nuyumbalees Cultural Centre. This unique facility, the first of its kind in Canada, was designed specifically to house the Sacred Potlatch Collection returned from the Federal Government after more than twenty years of negotiations. The Potlatch, or Yaqwa, is a Coastal First Nations ceremony which provides a means of publically recognizing and documenting claims of status and privilege. Approx. $10 一人当たり.

rebecca spit discovery islands

Picnic at Rebecca Spit (a long lazy afternoon)
Spend a day at beautiful Rebecca Spit on Quadra Island. The hot spot for both locals and tourists! Rebecca Spit’s rambling beach is the perfect location to chill out for the day. Take a dip or read a book and people watch, this is a great spot to soak in some sun and hang out. Transport to and from the Spit and a gourmet picnic lunch provided by Gowllandハーバーリゾート. Contact us with dietary requirements.

spa treatment at Gowlland Harbour Resort

Spa Treatments at Gowlland Harbour Resort
Enjoy a private massage and then relax afterwards in the sauna or outdoor hot tub with soothing views of the water at Gowllandハーバーリゾートの流木エステ・スパ. Or perhaps you’d love an all-natural facial or manicure and pedicure? 彼らの公認wholisticマッサージセラピストと配信することができエステティシャン. Price based on treatment selected.

Salmon Fishing Charter

Fishing Charter (5 営業時間)
Quadra is the launch point for some of the best salmon fishing in the world. Wildcoast can arrange a full day trip with experienced sport fishing operators that will pick you right at the Gowlland Harbour dock. Trips include fishing gear, bait, rain gear, and the cleaning and bagging of your catch. Approximate cost for 4 people is $550.

mountain biking

Mountain Biking
クアドラ島の多様性とその周辺地域のトレイルをお楽しみください. クロスは、原生林の中にストリーム, あなたが野次と大喜びでhollering必要がありますその爽快なまとも前に、リモートのビーチを訪問し、信じられないほどの岩の絶壁からの素晴らしい景色にヘッドアップ! 仕出し弁当などに関するご相談ください. が提供する自転車ツアー 島ジョイライド.

Wilderness Tours to see Bears

Wilderness Tour – on a Zodiac! (day tours)
Can’t wait to venture out onto the water? Wildcoast is happy to arrange a day trip with Campbell River Whale Watching to take you on their exciting wilderness tours. Whether you want to venture out to find Grizzly Bears, Eagles, Dolphins, Whales or other wildlife boarding a zodiac will put you into the heart of Johnstone Strait and the Discovery Passage. $150 – 500 一人当たり

Quadra Island Golf

クアドラ島の美しいゴルフコースをお楽しみください. 海と山の景色から, この例外的な森の静かに ゴルフ場 すべてのスキルレベルのための偉大な外出です. 利用可能なレンタルおよび電力カート.


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