Full and Half Day Quadra Island Paddle Board and Kayak Day Tours

Kayak Day Tours: Paddle Spectacular Quadra Island

From Gowlland Harbour on the west side to Rebecca Spit in Heriot Bay on the east side, there’s plenty to explore on Quadra Island kayaking tours. Whether you choose to go out in a sea kayak or a stand-up paddle board you will have the opportunity to see the beauty of Quadra Island from every angle.

Venture through the islets and tiny bays where curious seals often can be found tailing you! The tranquil waters make this an ideal place to paddle for both locals and first-time visitors to Quadra Island. Farebné hviezdice, hravé tesnenie, plešatý orly hlavou, with un-ending bays and islands to explore, there’s nothing like sea kayaking in the waters around Quadra Island the largest of the Discovery Islands chain!

Half Day Guided Kayak Trips

Enjoy beautiful guided paddle board or coastal kayak tours of Gowlland Harbour on the West side of Quadra Island. Sprievodca sa vás okolo ostrovčekov, alebo oboplávať ostrov Gowlland skúmanie malé zátoky plnej tesnenia a morského života!

Very calm waters in Gowlland Harbour make this a fantastic tour for beginners or those who are just interested in spotting the many pairs of bald eagles, tesnenia, Star Fish, or beautiful porpoises that frequent these waters. Užite si niektoré fascinujúcou históriou Quadra Island, and wealth of wildlife concentrated in this beautiful area of British Columbia.

$75 na osobu

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Full Day Guided Kayak Trips in Heriot Bay

Prepared gourmet lunch included!

discovery-islands-244-kayaking circleUzávery vody bočné Quadra ostrov štvrti East Heriot Bay komunity. Enjoy Drew Harbour and Rebecca Spit – a favourite for both locals and visitors to Quadra Island. During your guided kayak trip your guide will share with you some of the history and current uses of these waters.

This is an unforgettable eco tour that is fantastic for those that want to explore an Island that has as many trails in the water as it does throughout it’s forest! Pripravené gurmán obed s nápojmi súčasťou.

$90 na osobu

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