British Columbia Kayaking Trip
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Discovery Islands 6-Day Kayaking Trip

One of the West Coast’s Best Kayaking Destinations

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"6 day Discovery Island Expedition, which felt like ‘glamping’ because the food was so amazing & our guides did everything for us!" TripAdvisor 5-Star Review"The best long term kayak trip I’ve ever done! Food was excellent,, camping spots were awesome, and the kayaking was great“
Facebook 5-Star Review
"…gorgeous coasts and mountains, seals and porpoises, and dozens of sea stars, jelly fish and small tidal creatures”
TripAdvisor 5-Star Review


  • Included in National Geographic Canada’s 50 Places of a Lifetime, the Discovery Islands are a kayaker’s paradise and one of the West Coast’s best kept secrets.
  • Wilderness kayaking and camping, get close to nature as you soak in the beauty and remoteness of your surroundings.
  • Discover wildlife,  as playful seals approach your sea kayaks. You may even get to see Orcas or Humpback Whales who have also been spotted by kayakers on this trip.
  • No experience necessary, great for both beginners and the experienced paddler.


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