Spectacular Desolation Sound Kayaking Expedition in British Columbia

Go Exploring on a Sea Kayak Vacation!

6 days & 5 nights

Discover the Power and Beauty of the Wilderness in its Rawest Form

Experience the wilderness and coast mountain range on a Desolation Sound kayaking tour in British Columbia. All inclusive, professionally-guided sea kayak expedition – seriously, you won’t even need to bring your own sleeping bag. We provide it all!

Established by the B.C. government in 1973, Desolation Sound Marine Park consists of more than 14,000 acres of highland and 60 km of shoreline.

Ideal for first time kayakers, the Sound’s calm waters will allow you to effortlessly paddle through narrow inlets as you gaze up at the majestic mountains above. In addition to the spectacular scenery, swimming in these warm waters is an extra bonus to your amazing camping and sea kayaking vacation!

Highlights of a Desolation Sound Kayaking Tour:

  • Location: remote Canadian wilderness, towering mountains and warm waters
  • Custom coastal cuisine designed by Gowlland Harbour Resort’s Gourmet Chef
  • Abundant inter-tidal and local wildlife
  • Quality expedition tents included at no extra cost
  • Warm sleeping bags included at no extra cost
  • Accommodations on Quadra Island the night before you launch
  • High staff to guest ratio
  • Small group size

Escape From The Ordinary on a Desolation Sound Sea Kayak Expedition

Desolation Sound is a perfect escape from busy city life.  It is the gateway to the Coast Mountain Inlets of British Columbia. This location is recommended both for people who have never kayaked before and for experienced kayakers who want to experience being surrounded by nature and the local wildlife of the West Coast.

“Fantastic trip. Guides took us through spectacular waters. Saw Humpback whales, seals, and countless birds. Food was fresh, healthy and wonderful. I’d do this trip again in a heartbeat.”

The peaceful waters and surrounding forests are home to bald eagles, seals, dolphins and sea lions.

Because of the Desolation Sound’s unusually warm temperatures you will have plenty of opportunities to get in and enjoy the water.  This sea kayaking vacation is unique in that the time on the water can be interspersed with time in the water, which is rare considering how far North it is located!

The warm temperatures are a result of the lack of tidal circulation in Desolation Sound.  In fact, you won’t find water this warm unless you go all the way down to Mexico!

Whether you decide to jump in and get wet or simply enjoy it all from the comfort of your sea kayak, Desolation Sound is bound to give you a thrill from all vantage points.

To take a sea kayaking tour of the Desolation Sound is to know what beauty in the wilderness is all about.

Explore Remote Wilderness in the Comfort of Your Sea Kayak

In order to fully appreciate the beauty of the Desolation Sound you have to put yourself in the very center of it all.  By embarking on our guided kayaking expedition you will be able to paddle your way through British Columbia’s pristine wilderness and experience panoramic views like you’ve never seen before.

“I must say that this trip far exceeded ALL of our expectations. The professional service, the incredible meals and the attention to detail were superb. Oh, the scenery was spectacular too!”

The peaceful waters and surrounding forests are home to bald eagles, seals, dolphins and sea lions.

You’ll want to make sure you have your camera with you so you can capture the immense snow-capped mountains that reach up to 6,000 feet. You’ll also have the opportunity to get up-close and personal with cascading waterfalls!

You’ll have lots of opportunities to snap photos of bald eagles or seals that often follow your group of kayaks along the way!

Venture into the Endless Coves, Islets, Bays and Beaches Surrounded by Towering Peaks.

When you are on your sea kayaking adventure you will experience how humbling it is to sit amidst such vast and stunning panoramas.  It truly is not an overstatement when some have quoted Desolation Sound as “one of the most scenically outstanding anchorages anywhere.”

Multiple trails lead to various freshwater lakes, streams, and hidden waterfalls. A maze of interconnected shallow coves create warm and stunningly clear lagoons. While you are there you can take some time to stretch out on sun-heated rocks and take it all in.

Each night you will set up your tent and sleep under the ancient cedars and star-filled skies. In addition, to the amazing surroundings, campsites in Desolation Sound include platforms to raise your tent off the ground.

Wildcoast Adventures guides have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are always ready to answer your questions. What’s even more amazing is that they can cook too!

Every morning and evening you will enjoy fresh hot meals using local fare, to satisfy your appetite and prepare you for each and every adventure you’ll face on your kayak expedition!

Discover British Columbia by Kayak!

No matter what language(s) you speak, you’ll never have enough of the right words to verbally encapsulate the scenery you will behold as you kayak around Desolation Sound, B.C.

It is a cruising mecca during the summer months of July and August, so we avoid the crowds by operating our tours during May, June and September. This provides the best opportunity to explore the Sound in the peace and serenity you can only find on a sea kayaking vacation.

Enjoy Quadra Island the night before you launch!

Included in your Sea Kayaking Vacation Package is the first night at one of Quadra’s beautiful Resorts. A relaxing start and an opportunity to enjoy Quadra Island as you prepare for the five spectacular days you will spend kayaking and camping throughout Desolation Sound. On the day of your arrival a briefing at the resort will provide you with everything you need to know before launching early the next morning.

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Trip Dates (6 Days/5 Nights):

  • Sunday, June 3 – Friday, June 8
  • Sunday, June 10 – Friday, June 15
  • Sunday, June 17 – Friday, June 22
  • Sunday, September 2 – Friday, September 7
  • Sunday, September 9 – Friday, September 14

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