Tour Overview

Seeing Killer Whales (Orcas) in their natural habitat is breathtaking – imagine sea kayaking where they roam! Capturing this remarkable experience and finding the best spot to go kayaking with orcas is what you will discover when you take a trip to Wildcoast’s remote Orca Camp.


Canada’s west coast is know for it’s large population of orcas. As the northern resident killer whales travel down the coast to feed on salmon, you will be right there at Wildcoast’s Orca Camp. On this kayaking tour you will launch your kayak into the waters of Johnstone Strait each day in prime killer whale territory. Camp is located next to the Robson Bight Rubbing Beaches.

Livecam from the Robson Bight Rubbing Beaches


Time at camp is an experience not to be missed. Safari sleeping tents, hot tub, gourmet food, and a rambling beach make this kayaking tour Johnstone Strait’s best glamping experience.


Located next to a flowing glacial stream directly beside Robson Bight, the rambling rocky beach provides spectacular spot to launch into Johnstone Strait. This is prime killer whale territory, the perfect location to experience kayaking with orcas.

Whether you are up early watching for orcas from the beach or heading out for a sunset paddle, time at Orca Camp is relaxing and magical. The best way to escape life’s everyday stresses is to spend time sea kayaking, seeking out whales and glamping in the wilderness.

Wildlife: Orcas and Humpback Whales

Located next to the Michael Biggs Robson Bight Ecological Reserve, home to the Orca Rubbing Beaches, camp is ideally located, with a high success rate to encounter orcas in their natural environment. Discover the magic of a wild place, where the Orca play, socialize, and maintain a complex culture all their own.

In the last few years, Humpback Whales have also made a strong resurgence in Johnstone Strait and have often been seen on our kayak trips.

Given their wild nature, you can never be guaranteed to be kayaking with orcas and humpback whales, however your chances to encounter whales in this area is some of the best the world has to offer.

Coastal Cuisine

We know an important part of any wilderness adventure is delicious, hearty, and plentiful food.

For our kayaking expedition trips we enlisted a local gourmet chef to design the menu and train our guides to be excellent wilderness cooks!

Fresh meals prepared each day will leave your belly full and ready for all the adventures the new day brings! Local fare, including salmon and locally grown vegetables, are all part of our coastal cuisine.

Safari Tents & Warm Bedding

Your comfort is of premium importance to us. We balance keeping the wilderness serene and untouched with the increased enjoyment guests have when they feel invigorated after a full day out kayaking and sleep well at night after the days exploring.

All gear needed for your trip (kayaks, paddles, tents, & dry bags) is included in the trip price. Our equipment is kept in top-notch condition. From quality kayaks and safety equipment to keep you comfortable on the water to full height safari tents (sleeps two) on elevated platforms with real cots (forget sleeping on the ground!) and warm bedding to keep you cozy at night. And if you are a solo traveller you get your own tent, we don’t bunk you with anyone else.

High Staff to Guest Ratio & Small Group Size

The maximum number of guests at camp on this kayaking tour is 18 and our staff to guest ratio is 1:5 or better.  Your trip is designed to be the perfect length to explore the area in around camp.

Our guides base the kayaking trips each day on the group’s kayaking skills and level of experience. To further enhance your overall sea kayaking experience, guides love to share their wealth of knowledge about Robson Bight and the surrounding area.


Every day you will be out on the water with the possibility of kayaking with orcas. The waters of Johnstone Strait are deemed a critical habitat for both resident (fish-eating) and transient (mammal-eating) Orca pods. Killer whales spend their summers in and around the Robson Bight Reserve directly beside camp.

Some Orcas are in these waters all year long. During the summer months all Northern Resident pods congregate in Johnstone Strait to feed on the abundant migration of salmon. You can often witness whales feeding by the kelp right from our beach.

Find out more about these whales on our Humpback Whale and Magnificent Orca pages.

Tour Highlights

  • Camp is located in prime killer whale territory
  • Great opportunities to see wildlife, whether you are out kayaking or relaxing at camp
  • Custom coastal cuisine designed by Quadra Island Gourmet Chef
  • Wood-heated common area and dining room
  • Spacious safari sleeping tents on wood platforms
  • Comfy beds and warm, cozy blankets ALL provided
  • Wood-fired Hot Tub and Sauna
  • Hot water shower
  • High staff to guest ratio
  • Small group size
orca-camp-1134-sunrise-from-tent ORCA-CAMP-2 ORCA-CAMP-3 ORCA-CAMP-7 orca-camp-S646-orcas-killer-whales ORCA-CAMP-9 orca_camp_sink orca_camp_shower orca_camp_platforms orca_camp_crabshack ORCA-CAMP-6 ORCA-CAMP-1 ORCA-CAMP-4

Orca Camp
4 Days / 3 Nights

2022 Tour Dates

July 1-4

Jul 4-7

Jul 7-10

Jul 10-13

Jul 13-16

Jul 16-19

Jul 19-22

Jul 22-25

Jul 25-28

Jul 28-31

Jul 31-Aug 3

Aug 3-6

Aug 6-9

Aug 9-12

Aug 12-15

Aug 15-18

Aug 18-21

Aug 21-24

Aug 24-27

Aug 27-30

Aug 30-Sep 2

Sep 2-5

Sep 5-8

Sep 8-11

Sep 11-14

Sep 14-17

2022 Trip Price

Jul 1 - Jul 10 & Aug 30 - Sep 17

$1749 (CDN)

Jul 13 - Aug 27

$1899 (CDN)

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Tour Itinerary

Day 1


Meet the water taxi at Campbell River Whale Watching in Campbell River at 7:30am. Your expert guide will brief you about your boat ride to camp. The 2.5 hour journey passes through the Discovery Passage and the infamous ‘Seymour Narrows’ . Sightings of porpoises, dolphins, and whales are common even before reaching camp. Arriving at camp, you’ll be greeted by camp staff and settled into your wilderness accommodations. An afternoon kayak orientation will prepare you for your first paddle of this tour.

Day 2


A full day of exploration along the coast in your kayak awaits. While you paddle in killer whale territory listening for orca blows, your guides will provide details about the resurgence of wildlife in this remote part of the coast as well as the ongoing threats to this critical habitat. Not only is being on the water spectacular, but you will also venture inland to a beautiful waterfall where the brave can go for a dip in the glacial waters.

Day 3


It’s time to venture across Johnstone Strait to the island opposite camp. Kayaking along the shores we will keep a lookout for bears and cubs that often forage on the beach. After the day’s paddling adventures we return to enjoy a native sauna and hot tub, a great end to a fantastic day.

Day 4


One last chance for a sunrise paddle on this tour. Soak up the final moments of your wilderness experience while hanging out on the beach awaiting the water taxi. You will arrive back in Campbell River between 3:30 – 5:30 pm.

5 Frequently Asked Questions About This Trip

We base our trip dates on historically good times to see Whales and other Wildlife in this area. Of course they are wild animals, so opportunities and frequency are left to them.

Your opportunities to see Orcas, Humpback Whales, Dolphins, and Bears begin from the moment you board the water to taxi to camp, to the sunrise, afternoon, and sunset paddles each day.

Whales and other wildlife often swim directly in front of our beach at Orca Camp, so even hanging out on the beach has possibilities for viewing wildlife.

No experience is required to participate in this kayaking tour. We do recommend that you are in good physical shape and enjoy being on the water. Our kayaks are stable, and safe to paddle. Wildcoast guides provide kayak instruction and safety procedures prior to your first launch, and give helpful tips while out kayaking. Learn more

Yes we provide excellent alternates for guests requiring a special menu. These modifications don’t compromise on the quality, freshness, or portion sizing of each meal (this may require an additional fee to cover the menu modification costs for your specific dietary requirement).

Our guides determine the length of each days’ paddle based on the weather conditions, sea conditions, and group paddling skill/dynamic. Early morning and sunset paddles are offered each day in addition to the longer afternoon paddle. Orca Camp is a basecamp experience, so while kayaking is the main activity, you can skip a day if you like and hang out on the beach and at camp.

Our trips attract a range of ages, but we generally prefer participants to be 12 years of age and older. If you have a family member under 12 but who has a good deal of kayaking experience contact us about the best options for booking. We can assess if this is the best trip for your family and try to book you with other families.


We booked this trip for an ‘experience of a lifetime’ as we joked with the guides and were not disappointed – this was a breathtaking trip and one I will never, ever forget.
TripAdvisor 5 Star Review

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