Damon is a graduate of Algonquin College’s Outdoor Adventure Program and as Expedition Manager he ensures everything about your trip is ready to go once you arrive. He manages our awesome team of sea kayak guides. Damon’s love of the great outdoors means that each trip is based on his detailed knowledge of the area and the favourite spots only a resident local expert knows to how to find.

Valerie is the Wildcoast expert on everything you need to plan your kayaking tour in Canada. She is a full-time resident having made Quadra Island her home shortly after her first visit to the area. Valerie can answer any question you may have from which trip is right for you, to what you will see and experience on your vacation and how to get here. You can reach her via the contact form at the bottom of each page on our website.

Bender graduated from Algonquin College’s Outdoor Adventure Program along with Damon, and quickly joined the Wildcoast family of guides as a perfect complement. Bender is a passionate paddler from Northern Ontario, and is also the co-owner and builder of Nimbus Paddles along with Damon. Have a technical question? Bender’s likely got the answer, and is a wealth of knowledge on a number of subjects. His talent and attention to detail are also evident in his woodworking, bushcraft, and photographs: many of which grace our website and social channels.

Julie is a Wildcoast senior guide who has an adventurous soul, that has taken her to many countries. Her passion for the sea, and the natural world around us, is apparent – and beautifully captured – in her photographs, with her love of cooking expressed in the details. Don’t be fooled by her stature or soft-spoken nature, she is tough as nails, and quickly and quietly makes arduous chores seem easy. Her compassionate nature shines in her ability to assist with challenges sensitively and without judgment. Julie thrives guiding multi-day adventures as she enjoys diving in and getting to know the guests she’s with.

Nolan has been with Wildcoast for several seasons, and carries a wisdom beyond his years. He knew very quickly that he was meant to work in the adventure industry, and fast-tracked in the disciplines that compelled him the most. Nolan can bring a diverse group together, divert anxieties, and genuinely connect across a variety of age groups with ease. He is also a very talented photographer! When he’s not being paid to paddle, he’s out accomplishing new goals and exploring around new bends. He spends his off-season on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

Josh runs on adventure. Our resident Australian, he is most at home in the outdoors, and sharing that with others. Rare is the moment that you see him sitting still! With boundless energy and insatiable curiosity he bustles about with light-footed agility flipping boulders, moving boats, hauling gear, or whipping up an “I can’t believe I’m eating this well while in the wilderness” meal for guests. His confidence and calm demeanour are contagious, and his attention to the guest dynamic provides a wonderful experience for those that he guides. And then there’s his signature method of finding starfish…. when not guiding, he is always hatching up new adventures with some sort of watercraft.

Adam is “no happier than when sat in a boat with a paddle” and sharing his love for the sport with others. Well-traveled, Adam has worked with guests in many capacities, all over the world, and from all walks of life: rounding out a worldview and genuine interest in the people around him. Hailing from the U.K., he is ever the conversationalist and is quick to find common ground. His kind and humble presence lends itself to a comfortable dynamic no matter what level of skill one holds in the sport. Adam also holds title to camp “Grill Master”. When he’s not paddling, Adam is an avid skier and hiker, so you’ll find him in the mountains for the winter.

Jonathan loves sharing all the things that have captured his attention about the West. A certified mechanic, Jon made the shift to the West coast to satiate his love of nature and sport, pursuing further education and certifications that allowed him to adventure and work. Hailing from Eastern Canada, he’s always got a smile on his face, and is game for just about anything! His outgoing nature and sincerity quashes social barriers, and creates a comfortable environment to stretch into a new sport or meet new people. Whether leading or supporting, Jon’s quiet confidence has him content in either role. When not sea kayaking, you’ll find Jon mountain biking or heading out to new adventures in Central America.