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Kelp – Ten Interesting Facts

Kelp is common sight on Wildcoast Sea Kayaking Adventures and we thought you’d like to know more about this fascinating plantimal (see fact #8). Here are just a few interesting facts: The female kelp produces a perfume that attracts the sperm. This substance smells like… Read more »

Quadra Island Hiking Trails

Quadra Island hiking trails are awaiting your discovery. With so much to explore on Quadra Island you’ll want to venture out on more than one hiking trail. Whether you want to watch for sea birds eagles and whales on an ocean side hike or climb… Read more »

Vancouver Island Wildlife Snapshot

River otters, Black-tailed Deer, Bears, & Cougars Wildlife in the wilderness of British Columbia’s Vancouver Island, is as rich as it is diverse.  It does not take long to go from human-habited areas to wild sweeping landscapes of deep forested mountainsides and windswept rocky shores.  … Read more »

Pacific NorthWest Wildlife In the Air

Birds You are Likely to See on your Sea Kayak Adventure Bald eagles, herons, kingfishers, and more. Keep your eyes on the skies to capture the numerous pacific northwest birds you will encounter on your kayaking adventure. Bald Eagle Bald Eagles are a common sight… Read more »

The Tale of the Humpback Whale

The population of humpback whales has seen an amazing recovery of recent. There are now estimated to be upwards of 21,000 humpbacks in the northeast Pacific Ocean alone. The north Pacific population of humpback whales makes long distance migrations. They range from winter breeding grounds… Read more »

Humpback Whales Breaching Video Goes Viral

An amazing experience happened for our guests and guides last season. During our late August Discovery Islands Expedition, guests had been enjoying the usual features of this trip, amazing scenery, fantastic camping, great meals in the wilderness and just getting away from it all. But this… Read more »

3 Kayak Vacation Planning Tips

How booking early improves your kayak vacation  Planning a kayak vacation should be fun not stressful. By booking a few months in advance, you can increase the enjoyment of your kayak holiday significantly. Here are three benefits you will enjoy by booking early as part… Read more »

Killer Whale Update – Recent News

Whale News Highlights Many wonderful events have occurred in the past few years to enhance our understanding of killer whales. As a result, changes in how humans interact with whales is continually improving. This killer whale update provides but a few recent examples: January 2021… Read more »

The Magnificent Orca and the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve

Our unique wilderness campsite location offers some of the best and most spectacular Orca sightings in the world. We are located directly beside the Michael Biggs Robson Bight Ecological Reserve where killer whales come to feed off the large amount of salmon in the area, the… Read more »

Desolation Sound Kayaking Adventure

By Stephen Parry and Jess Valentine Travel Bloggers, Stephen & Jess from joined us for a Desolation Sound kayaking expedition and recorded their adventure through a collection of videos and amazing photography. From the fabulous pre-trip breakfast at Gowlland Harbour Resort to the beautiful… Read more »

Kayaking & Camping Packing Essentials: Wildcoast

Kayaking & Camping Essentials. I’m guilty.  I saw I will promise to “review” the packing list with enough time to assess what I need for my upcoming trip so I can decide what I will and will not bring. I’ll skip a few recommended items… Read more »

World Oceans Day: Show the Ocean You Love it!

World Oceans Day is recognized all over the globe on June 8th. Although we celebrate all of the world’s oceans, there is truly just one ocean that connects all of earth’s continents together.  If you haven’t joined in on the celebration of this worldwide holiday… Read more »

7 ways to get teenagers excited about a family vacation

Teenagers! They can be sullen, uncommunicative, and downright cranky. But get them in the right environment and a whole new young adult emerges. Some of the best memories with teens can happen while on a family vacation, particularly one that exposes them to exciting new… Read more »

Kayaking Desolation Sound – 5 reasons it’s called a paddler’s paradise!

Kayak Desolation Sound and you will be surrounded by breath-taking mountain views. The Coast Mountains that run along the western coastline of British Columbia are majestic and snowcapped. The foothills of the mountains run all the way down into the calm waters of Desolation Sound. In addition to… Read more »

Why Love is Enhanced on a Wilderness Adventure

Is a wilderness adventure the perfect honeymoon trip? Or maybe you are looking for an adventure to put the zing back in your relationship? Either way, spending time in the outdoors on a wilderness adventure will let you see your partner in a whole new light! Here’s six reasons… Read more »

6 Great Books To Read Before Your Next Adventure

Whether you are in the planning or reminiscing stage of your British Columbia adventure trip, 6 great reads have the ability to mentally transport you to your destination. The list that follows includes books that the owners, guides, and/or guests of Wildcoast have told us… Read more »

9 Fantastic Reasons to Kayak Discovery Islands in British Columbia

To kayak Discovery Islands is the best way to explore the archipelago made up of Quadra Island, Read Island, Maurelle Island, Sonora Island and Cortes Island – here are nine compelling reasons why you should start planning your adventure trip now! 1. Get up close and… Read more »

Love Whales? You’ll want to read this!

Both whales and whale lovers have lots to celebrate. Over the course of the past several years, protection and treatment of whales has been gaining both increased media coverage and political momentum. New pledges, policies and regulations are gaining ground and can result in the… Read more »

From Whalefest in the UK to the Pacific Rim Whale Festival in Canada – see how the world celebrates whales!

Every year countries around the world celebrate whales by holding festivals. From talks by whale experts to workshops, kids activities, art displays, and entertainment, attending a whale festival can be a great way to learn about whales and the traditions that surround them. These events are… Read more »

How to choose a kayak that’s right for you as you kayak Vancouver Island

When deciding to kayak Vancouver Island, the first thing you need to ask yourself is what type of kayaking are you planning to do the most? There are a variety of kayaks available, since kayaking as an activity has many facets and forms. Certain kayaks… Read more »

5 Tips for Planning Kayak Trips from Beginning to End

Whatever you’ve dreamed about kayak trips in the past, a little planning is all that is needed to make it turn out just like you envisioned: 1. Have little nagging questions about the kayak trips you are considering? Send us an email or call us to ask any… Read more »

Sea Kayak with Sea Creatures: 5 Sea Creatures you’ll see on a Wildcoast Sea Kayak Vacation

British Columbia’s Inside passage between Vancouver Island and Canada’s West Coast mainland is a sea-kayaking paradise with a lifetime of routes to explore. There are trips that are suitable for all skill levels of sea kayakers. Sea kayak vacations summon visions of mountainous horizons, silent… Read more »

5 Ways to Ensure You have the Best Kayak Vacation Possible in B.C.

If you enjoy kayaking and vacationing, then probably combining the two for a weekend, or even a week, sounds like a pretty great idea! Because not everyone wants the same thing out of a kayak vacation package there are a variety of options to meet… Read more »

Blackfish and why Killer Whales do best when left in the wild

2019 Update: SeaWorld Entertainment has agreed to pay $65 million to settle a lawsuit in which the theme park company was accused of misleading investors over the impact the documentary “Blackfish” was having on its bottom line. Attendance and revenue declined after the release of… Read more »

Wildlife and Kayaking Experience at Orca Camp

A special thank you goes out to Gemma Taylor at Off Track for kayaking Orca Camp and sharing her experience. While there was only one Orca appearance, the other wildlife sightings and the specialness of Orca Camp made her trip one to remember (be sure… Read more »

Book Your Dream Vacation with Wildcoast Adventures

The great weather received from late May through September in BC provides awesome conditions for going on dream vacations full of sea kayaking, camping, glamping and wildlife viewing. Dream Vacation in the Desolation Sound Wildcoast Adventures Desolation Sound kayaking expeditions provide guests with their dream vacations… Read more »

Sea Kayaking at its Best

Orca Camp Sea Kayaking Trips! Wildcoast Adventures sea kayaking trips were showcased in International Lifestyle Magazine in May, highlighting the magical experience of being on the water off the British Columbia coast in Canada. In the spotlight – the Wildcoast Adventures Orca Camp and the… Read more »

Sea Kayak Adventures for the Whole Family

All-Inclusive Sea Kayak Adventures in British Columbia are great for the Whole Family Wildcoast Adventures plans sea kayak adventures fit for all the members of your family!  While you may all be “cut from the same cloth” each family member is unique. Planning a kayak adventure… Read more »

Expanding Wildcoast Adventures’ Sea Kayak Fleet

Damon, the Expedition Manager at Wildcoast Adventures, just finished his first fibreglass single sea kayak – a Nimbus Telkwa.  It is the first of a handful of new kayaks that Wildcoast Adventures will be adding to our already all-Canadian built Fiberglass sea kayak fleet.  … Read more »

Add Luxury to Your BC Whale Watching Adventure

Wildcoast Adventures has surrounded your whale watching adventure at Orca Camp with luxury! We want you to have a relaxing start and finish to your 7-day Coastal Canadian experience!  We’ve made it easy for you by finding the perfect place for you to start and… Read more »

New Kayak Tours at Wildcoast Adventures’ New Location

Wildcoast Adventures is at a NEW LOCATION which means we are offering NEW kayak tours! Wildcoast Adventures has found a new HQ! Now centrally located in “downtown” Quathiaski Cove, on beautiful Quadra Island, British Columbia.  Not only are we walking distance from the Campbell River… Read more »