Our exclusive, oceanfront campsite is one of a kind and situated
beside a world famous killer whale reserve.

a green house with a bird flying over it

Given its permanent summertime base, our campsite, which we lovingly call Orca Camp, allows for an unique multi-day kayak trip. Our high staff to guest ratio allows for additional time to kayak in Orca territory in small groups. The Orca Camp Kayak Trip can’t be beat.

a couple of tents sitting in the middle of a forest
a welcome sign to the orca camp
a group of orca's swimming in the water

After the day out kayaking, enjoy a long soak in the amazing new wood-fired cedar hot tub

From the hot tub, to the warm water beachside shower and a native-style sauna on your final night, camp includes everything you need to relax while out in the wilderness.

For the truly adventurous, the glacier fed creek beside camp is great for a cold dip before or after the hot tub or sauna. And on occasion, after the sun goes down, spectacular phosphorescence lights up the creek.

With our unobstructed view into whale habitat, spectacular scenery, and remote location, you will be sure to leave with a camera full of memories to remind you of your escape into the wild.

During this Orca Camp kayak trip, you’ll be paddling each day where whale encounters are frequent along the coast!

Enjoy a magical sunrise paddle, piercing the glassy waters and listening for Orca blows beyond the mist. Or, take a sunset paddle to view the awe-inspiring hues of the sun as it goes down – a signature Orca Camp feature. And if you prefer, you can always relax on the beach, awaiting the whales with a good book.

two orca whales swimming in the ocean

Our guests enjoy amazing wildlife sightings from our remote, exclusive and comfortable base camp. Your kayak holiday will be one to remember. Since Orca Camp is located next to a reserve, you’ll be right in the playground of the whales, where they forage, travel, rest and socialize.

Killer whales are frequently active at the surface, engaging in acrobatic behaviours such as breaching, spyhopping, and tail-slapping. These activities may have a variety of purposes, such as courtship, communication, or play.

The exclusive location for your kayak tour on Vancouver Island is located in Johnstone Strait directly beside the  Michael Biggs Robson Bight Ecological Reserve. British Columbia Parks protects this area from human interference with wildlife.

After your experience, you’ll be able to say you went on a kayak camping trip in the middle of B.C. wilderness, where few have the privilege to go.

two people in a yellow kayak on the water

An Orca Camp Kayak Trip requires great wilderness facilities – we’ve got them!

Your comfort is of premium importance to us. We balance keeping the wilderness serene and untouched with the increased enjoyment guests have when they eat heartily and sleep well at night after spending days exploring.

During your all inclusive holiday, you will have access to:

  • Our New Wood-fired Hot Tub
  • On-demand hot shower and washing up station
  • Your own private safari tent (sleeps two) on elevated platforms with real cots (forget sleeping on the ground!) and warm bedding to keep you cozy at night.
  • Gourmet meals, all included.
  • Whale watching from B.C. shores, whales often feed near the kelp beds just meters from the beach!
  • On-site knowledgeable staff to maximize your experience.
  • Plus, our heated communal tent takes off the chill in the early morning, providing a great meeting place to enjoy meals and socialize or grab a snack.

Note: Cellphone reception is spotty in this neck of the woods, and there are no electrical outlets or Internet, but fear not, you will have lots to occupy your days and a chance to truly take a break.

Food, glorious food

There is nothing like a delicious meal in the great outdoors! Your guides take pride in preparing wholesome, fresh meals.

Local fare, including salmon and locally grown vegetables, are all part of our coastal cuisine.

Special dietary requests are easy to accommodate, let us know any restrictions when booking and we will ensure that our cuisine meets your needs.

a white plate topped with lots of food on top of a blue table

Orca Camp Activities

In addition to many opportunities to explore and kayak in search of Orcas, try:

  • Fishing from the beach. Salmon are plentiful and can be seen leaping in the ocean in front of our beach for those who want to try their luck! We provide fishing rods to those who obtain a fishing license prior to the kayaking and camping trip.
  • Hiking on camp trails. Trails lead you to hidden spots and beautiful views for private moments away from it all.  Explore the temperate rainforest Orca Camp is situated in, whether finding a secluded spot along the creek, or into the forest amongst the fir trees and ancient cedars. Trails are all within earshot should you hear “ORCA!” being shouted from the beach!
  • Catching photo ops. Photography opportunities abound, while on water or on land, so make sure your batteries are charged!
  • Socializing and making new friends! Our common area has a selection of games, an outdoor chess/checker table and a library full of books about the area.

With all that we have in store for you, you’re gonna love Orca Camp!

Bring us your spirit of adventure and we will look after everything else!

Consider an Expedition

Looking for something a bit more rustic and traditional? Our kayaking expeditions visit multiple campsites. In addition to more kayaking each day, you set up your expedition style tent each night. Your guides prepare all your meals, set the routes, and help pack and unpack your kayaks. All that leaves you lots of time to enjoy the wilderness.