Explore by kayaking Vancouver Island waterways

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Kayaking Vancouver Island is perfect even for first time kayakers.  Our kayaks are stable, and safe to paddle. Wildcoast guides provide kayak instruction and safety procedures prior to your first launch, and assist during your kayak tour with tweaking your technique.

All Wildcoast sea kayak guides are skilled, well educated, dedicated, professional outdoor leaders who hold certificates in Wilderness First Aid.

Being on the water provides the chance to be closer to the resident wildlife on the west coast giving you an experience beyond words and some amazing photo opportunities. We like to mix it up so you get the most out of your trip kayaking Vancouver Island and the surrounding area:

Early launches provide an opportunity to paddle in the mystical morning mist common on the west coast

Afternoon paddles often include lunch on the remote beaches of surrounding islands and islets.

Sunset paddles are a serene and wonderful way to wind down the day before or after an evening meal.

Always aware of weather and ocean conditions, Wildcoast guides ensure your kayak tour is memorable and an experience not to be missed.

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Kayaking Vancouver Island from Orca Base Camp

Paddling in Johnstone Strait alongside Vancouver Island from our Orca Base Camp is a treat for both beginners and the experienced paddler.  Kayaks are nice and light as they are not loaded with expedition gear.  These kayak trips are fun and filled with lots of amazing scenery and wildlife sightings plus kayaking long distances is not required.

Expedition Style Kayaking Tours

Discovery Islands, Whales & Wildlife, Explorer and Desolation Sound kayak tours are “Expedition” style trips. This means you pack your gear, supplies, food and personal items into your kayak and to campsites each night of your trip.

Guides assist and ensure boats are packed evenly and efficiently among the group.  Safety is paramount, therefore your guide will determine each day’s paddling route based on tides, ocean and weather conditions, and group paddling ability.

We’re fortunate to be in an environment so conducive to kayak exploration, both long and short distance paddles provide outstanding experiences.

a person in a kayak paddling on the water
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Go on a Custom Kayak Tour of your own making

We can help you design a Custom Kayak Tour to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a lodge based tour that has you returning to the luxury of a warm bed and refreshing shower each day or looking for a more challenging itinerary in less travelled waters, British Columbia’s spectacular West Coast has it all.  Great for experienced or novice paddlers and weekend getaways or week long adventures. We can create an adventure with all the right features!

Ideal for Wildlife Photography Enthusiasts

Our kayak trips are highly recommended for nature photography. Whether you have a point and shoot camera, an SLR, or underwater camera (or all three!), your photos will be worthy of a premium spot on your mantle, Facebook page, or other favourite spot for full bragging rights of your unforgettable kayak adventure.

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