Wildcoast Adventures’ Sea Kayak Expeditions Combine Explorative Kayak Tours with Unforgettable Camping Vacations Perfect for Adventure Lovers

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Kayaking Vancouver Island is the ultimate form of exploration! Our kayak tours are all about the journey; a rejuvenating and exhilarating sea kayaking adventure that requires no prior kayaking experience!

Wildcoast Adventures’ sea kayak tours cover kilometres of coastline. The human-power and shallow draft of a kayak allows for an intimate and unobtrusive look at the fascinating and colourful wealth of sea-life that find their home on the Canadian West Coast.

On your kayak tour you will discover the beauty of concealed coves, bays and uninhabited islets, mossy rivers, waterfalls, and hidden waterfront campsites.

What is life like on our kayak tours?

As a premier adventure travel company, our sea kayak tours in British Columbia allow you to experience a new wilderness campsite each night of your camping trip.

All campsites are situated near the waterfront and allow you to camp completely in the wild!

You’ll arrive at your campsite each day and as you set up your tent, guides will provide appetizers and prepare dinner while you relax by a campfire or take a nap!

You will be provided with high-quality expedition tents, sleeping pads and sleeping bags that ensure you will be kept dry, warm and well-rested and a happy camper throughout the duration of your kayak tour!

Wilderness campsites allow you to enjoy the calming views of the pristine environment and recharge as you re-connect with nature. You will breath in the incredible fresh air while enjoying the subtle sounds of the wild, and wind down each day with a nightly campfire under a sky full of stars.

Enjoy fresh meals on our multi-day kayak tours!

There is nothing like a delicious meal in the great outdoors! It’s surprising as to what and how much can be packed into sea kayaks.

Our guides take pride in preparing wholesome, fresh, hot meals in the great outdoors. Local fare including salmon and locally grown vegetables are all part of our coastal cuisine.

Menus designed by local chefs ensure this “camp food” is unlike anything you would have imagined! Special dietary requests are easy to accommodate; let us know about any food allergies or restrictions when booking your kayak tour and we will ensure that our cuisine meets your needs without compromising taste.

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What will you be able to explore on your kayak expedition?

Your kayak tour provides time both on and off the water.

Guides keep you limber by breaking up your paddling with mini-excursions during your kayak expedition. Often they will describe the fascinating histories of the sites explored during these excursions.

They will also take you to their favourite fresh-water or salt-water swimming holes when you want to spend some time out of your kayak and actually get in the water. And to top it off there are even more opportunities to take short hikes up to breathtaking view-points and picturesque waterfalls.

Along the path you’ll take a break to recharge with fresh picnic lunches and you might even learn something about identifying flora and fauna.

These outdoor learning experiences are especially great for family kayak trips.

But we don’t stop there, for the more adventurous some wilderness campsites allow for further exploration, with the opportunity for a sunset or night paddle to experience the magic of phosphorescence.

Capture your kayak adventure in photos so your memories can last a lifetime

Photography opportunities abound both on the water and on land, so make sure your camera batteries are charged! Guides are always equipped with identification resources that are available to reference and learn more about the sea-life and wildlife discovered that day, or for anticipated sightings in days to come.

Safety first

The guide’s charts let you map your progress of the kayak expedition. They also show what your route options are for the following day. While routes can be discussed as a group, safety is paramount, therefore guides will ultimately determine the routes during the kayak tour.

Your experienced guides will make their decision having considered tides, weather and ocean conditions, in addition to group needs and the paddling dynamic.

Consider Glamping

Looking for something a bit more luxurious? Our base camp glamping adventure at Orca Camp is the perfect solution. From the hot tub, to the warm water beach side shower and a native-style sauna on your final night, camp includes everything you need to relax while out in the wilderness.