Wildcoast Outdoor Clothing

Take some of the west coast magic home with you after your trip! What better way to remember your kayaking adventure than to bring back authentic, made in Canada, Wildcoast t-shirts, hats and meltons (the best wool shirt you’ll ever find).  These items are staff favourites and perfect for heading out into the West Coast wilderness.

  • Made in Canada
  • Designed to withstand the elements
  • Produced with natural fibers

How to Purchase

When booking your trip you will have the option to purchase Wildcoast t-shirts that we will have available when you arrive. A limited supply of Wildcoast t-shirts, meltons, and other souvenirs are also available at our shop. Check out our current selection below.

Wildcoast Logo T-shirt

This ringspun cotton t-shirt is a great to pull on when hanging out at camp or heading out for a hike or bike ride.  This cotton tee is soft yet extremely durable, free from the rough structure of raw cotton.

Large Wildcoast Logo on front and map of Vancouver Island on back.

100% cotton

$36 (Available in Black for Men and Blue for Women)

a blue t - shirt with the words wild coast on it
a blue t - shirt with a map of the island

Mens Long-sleeve Melton

MELTON WOOL was traditionally used in the making of pea coats worn by sailors. The weave is so tight that it is resistant to both wind and rain.

Durable, functional, stylish and comfortable. Wildcoast Logo Optional.

80% Recycled Wool; 20% Nylon; 100% Breathable

$189 (Black or Navy)

a blue button up shirt on a white background
a black button up shirt on a white background

Womens Long-sleeve Melton

MELTON WOOL will keep you warm like nothing else. Not only stylish and comfortable, this tight weave is resistant to both wind and rain.

Perfect multi-purpose piece you will wear throughout your trip and back home.

80% Recycled Wool; 20% Nylon; 100% Breathable

$189 (Light Grey or Dark Grey)

a gray shirt with a white label on the chest
a black shirt with a white label on the chest


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Sustainable Clothing

Wildcoast’s clothing options are made with natural fibers inspired by nature, and designed to withstands the elements. As you may be aware, products such as fleece shed microplastics into our waterways when washed.  As we became more aware of the impact clothing can have on the environment we chose clothing manufacturer, Anian, as our supplier given their approach to using natural materials for their adventure clothing line. As a bonus, they are local and produce all their clothing here on Vancouver Island. Little steps like this can make big differences to nature and the wildlife that are counting on us to do our part to protect them.