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3 Kayak Vacation Planning Tips

How booking early improves your kayak vacation 

Planning a kayak vacation should be fun not stressful. By booking a few months in advance, you can increase the enjoyment of your kayak holiday significantly.

Here are three benefits you will enjoy by booking early as part of your vacation planning:

1. Flight costs and Ferry Reservations

Thinking last minute deals are the best option for your upcoming vacation? According to Cheopoair, that’s not the case and booking travel months in advance can save you significant money on summer flights.

They amassed data from 1.5 billion airfares covering approximately 5 million trips and concluded that if you are looking to save money and secure your preferred travel dates when you buy matters and waiting for last minute deals was a bad idea.

“…for very popular routes during very popular times where flights tend to fill up quickly and the most optimal time to buy tends to be earlier than the normal one to four months in advance.”

Check out for full details in their Summer Flight Trends Report.

If you decide to travel by ferry, it’s also important to note that with the increased number of travellers during the summer season, reserving spots on the ferry can save you hours of travel time. The ferry from Vancouver’s two departure terminals takes just under 2 hours to reach Vancouver Island. Having to wait for the next ferry or possibly even for the one after that due to long ferry line ups can have you sitting for hours in the ferry parking lot. Reserving space for your vehicle for your preferred departure time is less than $20 and well worth the investment. It’s wise to make your BC Ferry Reservation early.

2. Availability

It’s not just flight availability and ferry reservations that are affected by early booking, savvy travelers know that early bookings also let them secure the best spots for a tour. Whether it’s the best time to see wildlife or when the weather will be sunny and warm, spots for prime dates fill up first.

Each year Wildcoast’s kayaking guests start their vacation planning early by booking up to a year in advance. Check our booking calendar at any time to see availability for upcoming kayak trips.

3. Planning

Giving yourself plenty of time to plan your vacation means you will have plenty of time to purchase any special items needed for your trip. Whether it is a pair of water shoes or great book for the plane ride, having everything in your suitcase before you head for the airport starts your vacation on the right foot.

Advanced vacation planning also gives you time to scope out other activities you may want to experience while in the area. There are typically more things to do than there is time for, so a little research in advance can ensure you don’t miss out on the best activities a region has to offer.

If you are travelling with us, Wildcoast’s packing list and local activity guide provide guidance for what we suggest in both of these areas.

Follow the above tips and not only will you have a great trip, you will save money and reduce your planning stress.

So what are you waiting for? Book your trip early. You deserve the best vacation possible!

If you enjoyed this post and are thinking about joining a Wildcoast trip in the future, check out our current specials and kayaking trips!