Kayak in Killer Whale Territory


Kayak British Columbia and Search for Orcas in the Wild

kayaking with orcas in killer whale territorySeeing Killer Whales (Orcas) in their natural habitat is breathtaking – imagine sea kayaking where they roam!

Capturing this remarkable experience and finding the best spot to go kayaking with orcas is what you will discover when you take a trip to Wildcoast’s remote Orca Camp.

Orca Camp fulfilled a lifetime dream of mine. We must’ve seen over a dozen orcas, 2 humpbacks, a handfull of porpoises, and countless dolphins! To see these amazing creatures in their own environment was truly extraordinary.”

Located next to the Michael Biggs Robson Bight Ecological Reserve, home to the Orca Rubbing Beaches, camp is ideally located, with a high success rate to encounter orcas in their natural environment.

Both resident and transient Killer Whale pods frequent this area.

Escape into Canada’s Wilderness on an Orca Camp vacation package

The trip to camp is a journey taken by charter boat up the Inside Passage alongside Vancouver Island. As you soak in the mountain views, you will be thrilled with the opportunities to see nature before you even reach camp. Bald eagles, bears, seals, sea lions, humpback whales, and porpoises all call this area home.

“…On our very last paddle we were surrounded by at least seven porpoises in the early morning fog: amazing! …Wildlife isn’t the only highlight of Orca Camp; the location is pretty stunning too.”

Explore Wildcoast’s Orca Camp

Located next to a flowing glacial stream directly beside Robson Bight, the rambling rocky beach provides spectacular spot to launch into Johnstone Strait’s prime killer whale territory.

You’ll have lots of time to explore the camp trails up to higher view points, over to private nooks by the stream, and into the rainforest to breathe in the sweet smell of the ancient cedars.

“The camp itself was really special, in terms of location, set up (large tents on wooden platforms with comfortable beds) with uniquely designed outhouses as well as a hot shower and a sauna.”

Whether you are up early watching for orcas from the beach or heading out for a sunset paddle, time at Orca Camp is relaxing and magical. There is no better way to escape life’s everyday stresses than to spend time sea kayaking in the wilderness.

Wildcoast’s Orca Camp boasts:

  • Location: prime killer whale territory , whether you are out kayaking or relaxing at camp
  • Custom coastal cuisine designed by Gowlland Harbour Resort’s Gourmet Chef
  • Large wood-heated, covered common area and dining room
  • Spacious safari sleeping tents on wood platforms
  • Comfy beds and warm, cozy blankets ALL provided
  • Hot water showers
  • High staff to guest ratio
  • Small group size

Every day you will go kayaking in waters deemed a critical habitat for both resident (fish-eating) and transient (mammal-eating) Orca pods. These killer whales spend their summers in and around the Robson Bight Reserve in Johnstone Strait. Given their wild nature, you can never be guaranteed of seeing an Orca, however your chances to view and go kayaking with orcas in this area is incredibly high.

Discover the sound of Orca blows

orcas surfacing in johnstone strait Discover the thrill of hearing the distinct Orca blow, whether you’re out sea kayaking or resting in your tent.   The sounds of killer whales can often be heard amidst misty dawns sitting on the water, or by the crackle of the evening fire.

Discover the magic of a wild place, where the Orca play, socialize, and maintain a complex culture all their own. All part of the spirit of the west coast and nature’s intricately woven balance of the wild creatures and their surroundings.

“This was one or our best holidays ever. The highlight was seeing pods of Orcas on the first and last days – from the beach and twice from kayaks.”

From accommodations to gear, we provide comfort and enjoyment in the midst of the vastly untouched British Columbia wilderness.

Bring us your spirit of adventure and we will look after everything else!

Orca Camp
4 days, 3 nightsJul 1 - Jul 16 &
Aug 30 - Sep 14
Jul 19 - Aug 27
4 days camping and kayaking in Johnstone Strait in search of killer whales and other wildlife
- water taxi to Orca Camp from Quadra Island or Campbell River (8:00am departure)
- all camping & kayaking gear provided
- all gourmet Orca Camp meals included
- guest arranges own accommodation prior to camp
(per person plus tax)
(per person plus tax)

Orca Camp Deluxe
5 days, 4 nightsJun 30 - Jul 15 &
Sep 2 - Sep 14
Jul 18 - Aug 29
Orca Camp + one night accommodation* (incl. continental breakfast) prior to departure

*Gowlland Harbour or April Point Resort
(per person plus tax)
(per person plus tax)

7 day Orca Kayak Vacation Package

Everything else you need to know:


Tell me more about kayaking with orcas

Both resident (fish-eating) and transient (mammal-eating) Orca pods frequent this area to feed on the abundant summer food sources of Johnstone Strait.  You can often witness whales feeding by the kelp right from our beach. Some Orcas are in these waters all year long. During the summer months all Northern Resident pods congregate in Johnstone Strait to feed on the abundant migration of salmon. Given their wild nature, you can never be guaranteed to be kayaking with orcas, however your chances to encounter killer whales in this area is incredibly high.

“Above quotes are from Wildcoast Tripadvisor and Facebook review pages. Read more reviews.”



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