Pridať luxus do vášho Whale Watching dobrodružstvo v Britskej Kolumbii

Aerial view of Gowlland Habour: a kayak tour destinationWildcoast dobrodružstvo sa uprostred svojho pozorovania veľrýb dobrodružstvo na Orca Camp s luxusom!

Chceme, aby ste mali odpočinkový začiatok a koniec do vášho 7-dňový pobrežné kanadskej skúsenosti! Urobili sme to pre vás ľahké tým, že nájde ideálne miesto pre vás začať a dokončiť svoje pozorovanie veľrýb dobrodružstvo!

Before you set out on the water for your kayak expedition, you can settle in at the beautiful Gowlland Harbour Resort, one of Quadra Island’s hidden gems. We’re so excited to pair our kayak adventures with this stunning boutique resort. The Gowlland Harbour Resort values guest experience as much as we do, and we want you to have the most memorable whale watching adventure of your life. Ich majetok, ubytovanie, menu and staff are the perfect welcome to Quadra Island. Their exceptional service reflects our desire to offer our guests the absolute best! Read more about how we combine the adventure of kayak tours with the luxury of staying at a resort tu.

Wrap your whale watching adventure with boutique waterfront comfort and privacy by booking our 7-deň Orca Camp premium balíček now!

Already planning a kayak tour with us? Want to make this waterfront resort part of your kayak expedition experience? We can arrange for you to stay at the Gowlland Harbour Resort either before or after your kayak tour (or both)! If you plan to go on a sea kayaking adventure with Wildcoast Adventures you can come a few days early and enjoy relaxing on the waterfront before you begin your whale watching adventure. There are amazing beaches close by and places to explore before your adventure even begins. You can also choose to spend a night or two at the resort once you return from your expedition. You might feel like treating yourself to a day of pampering in the private massage room or relaxing in the outdoor hot tub after you’ve spent a week roughing it in the wild.

Other activities to do around Gowlland Harbour

There are plenty of activities for you to do around Gowlland Harbour during your stay at the resort. There are nearby hiking trails, art classes, yoga classes and shops offering handmade clothing, jewelry and artwork, made by local artisans. Whatever you decide to do you’ll have a pleasant stay in Gowlland Harbour and on your whale watching adventure!



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