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How to Design your Ideal Kayak Camping Trip!

Each of us has a different image of what makes kayak camping trips perfect. For some it’s sea kayaking to remote destinations we’ve heard about, for others its amazing food or a level of comfort we anticipate during our sea kayak adventures. That’s why at Wildcoast Adventures, you can create custom kayak camping trips that meet all of your expectations! Here are a few ideas of what you might want to consider when planning your kayak trips.

Quadra Island Lodge Based Kayak Trips

Not everyone who loves or wants to try sea kayaking also loves to camp. Wildcoast is located on Quadra Island, one of the largest Islands in the Discovery Islands chain near Vancouver Island. That means the opportunities to do day kayak trips or try out paddle boarding in the waters in and around Quadra Island are enormous.

Through Wildcoast Adventures’ partnership with the spectacular Gowlland Harbour Resort, we can help you plan multi-day kayak trips that will take you to a different destination each day and return you to the luxury and gourmet food offered by this cozy boutique resort each night. Perfect for weekend getaways or week long adventures, the resort is located in a private harbour and offers private rooms as well as guest houses. When you’re not sea kayaking or paddle boarding, you can enjoy the outdoor hot tub, book spa services, and spoil yourself with meals at the resort’s gourmet restaurant which features local fare.

Custom West Coast Honeymoon Packages

orca-camp-501-kayaking-johnstone-strait-bc circleWhat better way to start your new life of wedded bliss than to immerse yourselves into the spectacular natural beauty of Canada’s West Coast. Perfect for active couples who want more than just another beach resort honeymoon vacation.

Start by selecting your ideal trip from our kayak vacation packages and then let us know what additional perks would make it your perfect honeymoon.

Kayak Camping Vacation Packages:

  • Kayaking with whales i Johnstone Strait – the trip of lifetime to see Orcas in the wild
  • Desolation Sound – explore spectacular fjords while kayaking under towering snow capped mountains
  • Discovery Islands – encounter abundant wildlife, paddle pristine waters, and sleep under the stars

Want more relaxation time at Gowlland Harbour’s idyllic resort so you can enjoy the spa treatments? Want to include a fishing charter in Johnstone Strait’s world re-known salmon fishing grounds? Want to explore Quadra Island’s fantastic biking or hiking trails? We can arrange to add any of these features or other ones you desire to your trip. Just use the “Fråga Val” form at the bottom of this page or give us a call to work out the details!

Group Kayak Expeditions to Remote Destinations

orca-camp-486-kayaking-johnstone-strait-bc circleHave a group of four or more with added fitness levels who love guided kayak trips to more remote destinations? Our guides are experts at planning everything from the tasty menu to the transportation logistics so that you can sit back and enjoy your vacation time with your friends.

Feel like one of the first humans, en sann äventyrare, entering into areas that embody “wilderness” – our travel adventure company takes you to areas that are virtually untouched and uninhabited.

Check out the extreme remoteness of areas like the Fjordlands of Northern Desolation Sound where the towering mountains blend into spectacular waterfalls spilling into emerald green waters. Or explore the Broughton Islands where venturing just a short distance outside the key camping areas, the numbers of kayakers fall off substantially. You will find both the scenery and wildlife on a Wildcoast Adventures custom kayak expedition incredible! From towering mountains and icecaps on Coast Mountain glaciers to encounters with whales, delfiner, eagles and bears – these experiences are best seen by sea kayak!!

Let us help you plan your perfect kayak camping trip!

Fill out the inquiry form below and “Fråga Val”, our expert at planning custom kayak camping trips. She can answer all your questions. Then get ready to enjoy fresh air, uppfriskande paddel dagar, varm strand bränder, himmel fylld med stjärnor, färska läckra måltider, magiska möten med vilda djur, and the camaraderie built on shared adventure.

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