four people in canoes paddling on the water

5 Tips for Planning Kayak Trips from Beginning to End

Whatever you’ve dreamed about kayak trips in the past, a little planning is all that is needed to make it turn out just like you envisioned:

1. Have little nagging questions about the kayak trips you are considering? Send us an email or call us to ask any questions!

Wondering if  you’ll be sleeping on cot or on the ground? Do you need prior kayaking experience? What’s the best way to get to your destination? Your adventure travel company handles these questions everyday and can save you hours of Internet searching by quickly providing you with answers. At Wildcoast Adventures, an easy question box (“Ask Val”) is included on all pages to let you send enquiries when your questions are top of mind!

2. Plan to leave your work priorities back at the office.

Fortunately, sea kayaking adventures leave little time to think about the life you left behind, let alone be interrupted by the buzzing or ring tones of electronic devices. Despite the benefits our increasingly connected world, nothing can match the benefit of totally disconnecting and immersing yourself in nature. Let everyone at work know that you won’t have the opportunity during your vacation to check your cell phone. The work will be there when you return and by disconnecting during kayak vacations people find they have a fresh outlook and renewed energy to tackle it when they get there!

3. Kayak trips require some planning and information from you, so read the emails sent your way carefully in order not to miss important details.

As you head off to your adventure, it’s easy to have peace of mind if you have packed everything on the suggested packing list and filled out and sent in all the required medical and waiver forms ahead of time. A good adventure travel company will not inundate you with communications, but the ones that are sent are important. Remember to read and complete the requirements when you are in your vacation planning frame of mind and they can add to the anticipation and enjoyment of preparing for your trip!

4. Think about all those little details you learned on previous kayak trips

Most of us are experienced travellers these days and yet we often still discover something new when travelling. Think back on those experiences and recall what would have made your trip a little bit smoother if you had thought of it ahead of time. If this is your first of many kayak trips to come, ask a friend who travels frequently to share some of their sage advice. Here are a few things to think about:

  • It’s common these days to call your credit card company before you leave home to inform them you will be travelling and will have charges from a new destination on your card.
  • Check out the tipping policies for the destination or services and adventures you will be enjoying so you can ensure you have enough cash on hand.
  • Leave a copy of your itinerary with a friend or family member so you have someone to contact in case you lose yours or if they need to contact you about something important back home.

5. Plan ample time to get to your destination and to get back home

The expansion of the travel industry has meant that more of us get to go to more amazing destinations than ever before. But that also means with so many of us travelling there’s more chance of travel hiccups. Missed connections or cancelled flights can add stress to a time that’s supposed to be all about relaxation. So put some buffer time into your plans. If possible, arrive a day or two early or spend an extra night at the end of your adventure (or do both!), it will not only provide some room if events beyond your control delay you, but also allow for extra time to explore your destination a bit more or squeeze in something new offered in the region you didn’t know about when planning your adventure.

Kayak trips provide an amazing opportunity to unwind while being surrounded by nature. With a little planning your adventure can be memorable from beginning to end for all the right reasons.


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