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6 Great Books To Read Before Your Next Adventure

Whether you are in the planning or reminiscing stage of your British Columbia adventure trip, 6 great reads have the ability to mentally transport you to your destination. The list that follows includes books that the owners, guides, and/or guests of Wildcoast have told us they not only have read but are books that they keep on their bookshelves and refer to often or lend out to friends.

Below we let you know why we loved these books to provide some insight to help you decide if they would suit your interests. We’ve also included links to the reviews on goodreads (just click on the book) so you can read reviews by others and purchase a copy of the ones that you want to read.

Listening to Whales: What the Orcas Have Taught UsLISTENING TO WHALES: WHAT THE WHALES HAVE TAUGHT US
Author:Alexandra Morton
Type: Fascinating page turner
Description: Ranging from her time working in Marineland in California to her move to study and research orcas in a remote bay in British Columbia, Canada, Alexandra provides incredible insight into orca society and behaviour.
Why we love it:Alexandra mixes the personal and professional to provide a truly human aspect to her research activities. She focuses not only on the whales but also on the other human and non-human factors that affect their well-being. For some of the best insight into what we know about whales today, this is the book to read.
Adventures in Solitude: What Not to Wear to a Nude Potluck and Other Stories from Desolation SoundADVENTURES IN SOLITUDE: WHAT NOT TO WEAR TO A NUDIST POTLUCK AND OTHER STORIES FROM DESOLATION SOUND
Author:Grant Lawrence
Type: Hilarious life story
Description: From the time when young Grant’s father buys a piece of land in Desolation Sound in the 1970s to his experience at the cabin in his teen and adult years, Grant reveals the wonders and wildness of British Columbia’s most popular marine park.
Why we love it:Grant’s insights into why you should love being stuck in ferry line-up to why getting the wits scared out of you makes you feel alive are just two reasons this book is worth reading. If you are heading out on a Desolation Sound kayaking tour reading this book before or after will truly enrich your experience.
Author:Alexandra Morton and Billy Proctor
Type: Fascinating page turner
Description: This book is the story of Billy Proctor and his realization that everything about the coast around him was dying and why.
Why we love it:One of Wildcoast's owners who is not an avid reader could not put this book down. While this is a sad account of what mankind has been doing to our environment, it’s also a wake up call. This book speaks to why everyone at Wildcoast feels so strongly that it is important to expose people to the wilderness so that they understand what is at stake in the name of progress.
Whelks to Whales: Coastal Marine Life of the Pacific NorthwestWHELKS TO WHALES
Author:Rick M. Harbo
Type: Awesome field guide to the marine life of coastal British Columbia
Description: This field guide is a handy reference to the 420 most common species of marine life along the west coast of Canada.
Why we love it:Wildcoast kayak guides often pull out this guide to let guests quickly identify the sea creature they have just encountered. It’s a great guide to identify and learn about the diverse marine life you will encounter on a Wildcoast kayak tour.
Author:Rachel Carson
Type: Remarkable Book About the Marine Environment
Description: Published in 1951, Rachel Carson's combination of scientific insight and moving, poetic prose placed her book on The New York Times best-seller list, for thirty-one weeks. The Special Edition incorporates newer information on continental drift, coral reefs, the deterioration of the oceans, and mass extinction of sea life.
Why we love it:With the life of our oceans endangered by plastic pollution and oil spills, this book is a reminder of both the fragility and importance of ocean life. Anyone who loves the sea, or who is concerned about our natural environment, will want to read this book.
The Wild Coast, Volume 3: A Kayaking, Hiking and Recreation Guide for BC's South Coast and East Vancouver IslandTHE WILD COAST SERIES (VOLUME 1, 2, & 3)
Author:John Kimantas
Type: Great reference guide for kayakers
Description: A Kayaking, Hiking and Recreation Guide for B.C. John’s reference guides cover the history, geography, ecology, and attractions of our spectacular coast with dozens of color photographs and maps he has personally created. The Wild Coast series allows you to plan and make the most of your journeys whether you are travelling independently or with a local tour operator.
Why we love it:Well, first of all it has a great name; second, we know the author; and third, it’s the go to guide for many local residents who love to kayak and hike along British Columbia’s coast. Enough said.
The British Columbia adventure trip 6 great reads was compiled by staff of Wildcoast Adventures.
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