a tent pitched up on the side of a cliff

Desolation Sound Kayaking Adventure

By Stephen Parry and Jess Valentine

Travel Bloggers, Stephen & Jess from flyingthenest.tv joined us for a Desolation Sound kayaking expedition and recorded their adventure through a collection of videos and amazing photography. From the fabulous pre-trip breakfast at Gowlland Harbour Resort to the beautiful campsites throughout Desolation Sound read their blog post and watch the videos to follow them on a tour through the wilderness. While Stephen & Jess were first time kayakers they proved that with an adventurous spirit you will pick up kayaking skills in no time!

Sea Kayak Adventure through Desolation Sound

Excerpt from Stephen & Jess’ blog…

“We have been told by many locals that one of the best places to experience true Canadian wilderness is Desolation Sound in British Columbia – so that is where we went. We headed out with Wildcoast Adventures for a 6 day sea kayaking adventure ready to escape, explore and discover.  … It seriously is a kayakers dream, home to majestic fjords, towering 6,000 ft. peaks, cascading waterfalls, and pristine lakes.”  Read More

Desolation Sound Kayaking Adventure Photo Diary 

Using their keen photographer’s eye and the spectacular surroundings, Stephen & Jess managed to capture the essence of what it means to be immersed in the wilderness.

See the complete Photo Diary

Desolation Sound Kayaking Adventure Video Blog 

Through a series of videos, Stephen & Jess provide a hilarious and entertaining blog of their 6 days in the Canadian wilderness!


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