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Kayaking Desolation Sound – 5 reasons it’s called a paddler’s paradise!

Kayak Desolation Sound and you will be surrounded by breath-taking mountain views. The Coast Mountains that run along the western coastline of British Columbia are majestic and snowcapped. The foothills of the mountains run all the way down into the calm waters of Desolation Sound.

In addition to the mountain scenery here are 5 more outstanding attractions you will encounter while kayaking in the Desolation Sound.

1. Warm water that’s great for swimming

There is a phenomenon that occurs in Desolation Sound that produces exceptionally warm ocean waters. This is due to minimal tidal exchange that allows the sun to heat up the water during the day. Kayakers have been able to enjoy swimming in the warm waters even as early as May.

In addition to swimming in the ocean, there’s a beautiful hike up to an inland lake for fresh water swimming.

2. Isolation of the best kind: not a house to be seen

Desolation Sound is a prime location for kayaking in the summer months because of the untouched natural beauty. It’s an ideal place for hiking, visiting waterfalls, diving into lakes (or the sea), and paddling to your heart’s content.

You will truly be escaping city life while kayaking Desolation Sound.

3. Diverse and picturesque campsites to travel to

The remote and scenic campsites in Desolation Sound are scattered around the many islands.

Each campsite is nestled into the natural environment under canopies of ancient cedar trees or along the shore. Not only are the campsites peacefully located in the scenic outdoors, they are also equipped for comfort and nature preservation.

With campsites largely located on uninhabited islands, you can enjoy the peace and serenity of this amazing area and after a day of paddling star gaze on clear nights.

4. The ocean and coastline’s natural beauty

While daytime is great for swimming and hiking, the bioluminescence can be outstanding when night falls. Jumping into the water in the midst of bioluminescence surrounds you in a spectacular array of fluorescent light illuminating from the ocean.

Environmental variables will affect how much or how little you see, but definitely an experience not to be missed.

5. Kayaking that is ideal even for beginners

Kayaking Desolation Sound you can easily paddle between many of the islands even if you are a new kayaker. While kayaking between some of the islands can present more of a challenge if you are unfamiliar with the area and the potential for strong winds, there are many trips suitable for all ability levels.

If you are not an experienced kayaker (or even if you are) a great option is to arrange your kayaking trip with an expert outdoor adventure company.

They can design your trip, provide all equipment required including kayaks and delicious food, and provide you with experienced kayaking guides. All you and the members of your kayak group have to do is show up and enjoy!

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