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How to choose a kayak that’s right for you as you kayak Vancouver Island

When deciding to kayak Vancouver Island, the first thing you need to ask yourself is what type of kayaking are you planning to do the most? There are a variety of kayaks available, since kayaking as an activity has many facets and forms. Certain kayaks have certain characteristics that make them suitable for various types of kayak activities. Here are some types of kayaks and the situations they work best in. Hopefully these guidelines will help you figure out how to choose a kayak for your next kayak adventure around Vancouver Island.

How to choose a kayak for touring Vancouver Island

The most typical kayak that is used for touring (such as around Vancouver Island and Johnstone Strait) are called sea kayaks, also called touring kayaks. They are nice and sturdy and they are longer than river kayaks or lake kayaks. This is so that they can travel long distances with plenty of room for storing necessary supplies. If you are looking for a touring kayak for going on day trips or multi-day kayak tours around Vancouver Island, you’ll want to find one that has adequate space to store your food and supplies according to the length of the trips you plan to take, and these ones fit the bill nicely. Local companies like Nimbus and Atlantis are experts at manufacturing these types of kayaks.

Choosing a single kayak or tandem kayak?

A tandem kayak or a 2 person kayak is good for going out with a younger child or a more inexperienced kayaker. You’ll have the option of paddling together (which may take some practice in order to get coordinated) or, if one person gets tired, then the other can continue to paddle. If you have young children and you are worried they can’t make the trip on their own, then a tandem kayak is a good choice for you.

How to choose a kayak for fishing

If you want to find a quiet spot to set up your pole, then a fishing kayak is probably what you’re looking for. Kayaking out to the perfect fishing spot in the waters of Vancouver Island will give you the type of fishing experience you’ll crave for years to come. Fishing kayaks are a great way to reach spots that you can’t get to with bulkier motorized boats. They are affordable, easily maneuverable and still have plenty of space for your fishing gear and whatever you end up catching that day. Fishing kayaks sometimes come with a built-in tackle box and most will typically have rod holders and a holder to store your cooler with your bait. Another unique feature of fishing kayaks is that they are more stable than other touring and recreational kayaks so you can stand up on them to cast a line or reel in your catch!

When should you choose an inflatable kayak?

Inflatable kayaks like those built by Advanced Elements are extremely lightweight and easy to carry. If you are planning to go on a trip that requires you to transport your kayak on land either to a campsite or to another body of water, the Sevylor kayak is a good choice. Sevylor kayaks are also suitable for fishing as they can be made with storage space for your fishing accessories.

How to choose a kayak paddle to go with your kayak

Of course you can’t have a kayak without the proper paddles. Choosing kayak paddles is just as important as choosing the right kayak. For sea kayak tours you will want longer paddles that allow you to glide further for long distances. For turbulent rivers you will need shorter paddles that allow you to maneuver through the rocks and waves. So if you are planning to do some kayak tours around Vancouver Island as well as going on other river kayak trips then you’ll probably need to invest in both types of paddles!

Now that you have some of the basic facts about choosing a kayak for yourself and your family members you’re almost ready to go. All you need to do is decide where you want to go and then let your kayak take you to explore the Islands of beautiful British Columbia! Consider a guided kayak tour if you’re not well skilled with touring in the area, just to be safe! We wish you well on your next kayak adventure!

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