two people in a kayak on the water

Why Love is Enhanced on a Wilderness Adventure

Is a wilderness adventure the perfect honeymoon trip?

Or maybe you are looking for an adventure to put the zing back in your relationship? Either way, spending time in the outdoors on a wilderness adventure will let you see your partner in a whole new light!

Here’s six reasons why:

  1. Endorphins released during time outdoors with all that fresh air, makes both of you feel happy and relaxed, unleashing more of your romantic spirit.
  2. Getting outdoors on a wilderness adventure is a great way for one partner to show their expert skills; or for both of you to laugh about your lack of them (can you or your partner pack up a tent and sleeping pad in less than five minutes or do you find this task equivalent to putting together ikea furniture without the instructions?)
  3. Sharing your love of the outdoors and challenging yourself and each other, provides something you can be passionate about together.
  4. Being outdoors, near the sea, in all-natural environments makes people substantially happier than in urban environments.
  5. The exhilaration of a day out paddling followed by an evening campfire, can light a whole different kind of fire.
  6. Watching the sunset and stargazing provides the perfect backdrop for a warm embrace and passionate kiss.

As you connect with the outdoors and each other on your wilderness adventure, you will be building memories for the two of you to reflect on for many years to come and to share with others close to you.

At Wildcoast Adventures we love to help couples connect!

Here’s the a,b,c’s (and d & e) of what we do to further enhance your romantic getaway:

  1. Wildcoast’s Orca Camp cots are built to fit together into a queen-size bed, and our sleeping bags zip together: comfort in the wilderness.
  2. We provide double kayaks – so you can be in close proximity to the love of your life (or single kayaks if you’ve been together long enough to know that’s a better option for relationship and paddling harmony).
  3. We provide a Native Sauna experience at Orca Camp that relaxes the tension, and makes you hot and sweaty. 😉
  4. We provide campfires to cozy up by, and still see the stars.
  5. We take you into the wilderness on an adventure that provides an adrenaline rush, tons of fresh air, and all of the above ingredients to spark that romantic flame.

Let your wilderness adventure with Wildcoast be the beginning (or continuation) of your love for the outdoors and each other.

If you enjoyed this post and are thinking about joining a Wildcoast trip in the future, check out our current specials and kayaking trips!