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Quadra Island Hiking Trails

Quadra Island hiking trails are awaiting your discovery. With so much to explore on Quadra Island you’ll want to venture out on more than one hiking trail. Whether you want to watch for sea birds eagles and whales on an ocean side hike or climb up a mountain, this list of trails will get you started. Hiking trail maps available at the Quathiaski Cove Tourist Information Booth.

Chinese Mountain Trail

Moderate to Difficult (5 km; 2-3 hours)

This hike to the summit is accessed from Hyacinthe Bay Road. Watch for a sign on the left side of the road shortly after you pass the Salmon Eco-Centre. Trails lead you to either the north or south peak. The north peak is easier, but the south peak as the most spectacular view. While hiking watch for turkey vultures and bald eagles riding the air current. Ticks are know to inhabit this area so dress accordingly.

Nugedzi Lake Trail

Moderate to Difficult (7 km; 4-6 hours)

Accessed from Hyacinthe Bay Road about 9 km north of Heriot Bay. Turn left at the Nugedzi Lake sign. The trail climbs steeply up an old logging road before entering an old growth forest. With a viewpoint over the Discovery Islands and the reward of a swim in Nugedzi Lake, what better way could you possibly spend your day?

Shellaglligan Pass Trail

Easy to Moderate (3-5.5 km; 2-4 hours)

The Shellalligan Pass Trail is accessed off Valdez Drive about 4km from the junction at Village Bay Road. Turn left at the woodlot just before Breton Road. The trail starts at a small bay and continues over rocky headlands. This is a great area to find harlequin ducks, cormorants, harbour seals and sea lions.

Heritage Walking Trail

Easy (1 hour)

Head to Tsa-Kwa-Luten Lodge and access the trail from the top parking lot. The trail loops through the forest and leads to a viewpoint at the former Cape Mudge Village where Captain George Vancouver landed in 1792. As an alternate route, head down to the rocky beach in front of the lodge and follow the shore to the left. At low tide you will be able to see the petroglyphs that face the ocean. Then head up to the gazebo on the bluffs for a magnificent view over the Discovery Passage. Bald eagles, loons and blue herons are just a few of the marine birds you might see.

Rebecca Spit Trail

Easy (2 km; 1-2 hours)

This hike is accessed from the parking lot at the Rebecca Spit Provincial Park. Walk out to the end of the spit for impressive views of the outer islands and mainland mountains. With idyllic picnic and beach areas for lounging and swimming, it’s easy to spend an entire day soaking in the beautiful surroundings. Watch for marine life and be sure to explore the inter-tidal ecosystem.

Kay Dubois Trail

Easy to Moderate (4 km; 1-2 hours)

This hike is accessed from the end of Wa-Wa-Kei Road. This trail has great views of the mainland mountains and outer island. To extend the hike, follow the logging road to access Fox Road. At the junction of Vox and Smith, turn right and follow the road around the hairpin turn to return to Wa-Wa-Kei Road. This trail has some beautiful second growth Douglas Firs and old Sitka Spruce trees.


– please treat all trails with respect, drive with care on access roads and yield the right of way to logging trucks –


quadra island hiking trails


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