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7 ways to get teenagers excited about a family vacation

Teenagers! They can be sullen, uncommunicative, and downright cranky. But get them in the right environment and a whole new young adult emerges. Some of the best memories with teens can happen while on a family vacation, particularly one that exposes them to exciting new challenges. Here are 7 elements of a great outdoor adventure for families with teenagers:

1) Originality

Teens love spending time with their friends, so when they feel they are being dragged away from their environment, the best option is to ensure they have something they can’t wait to tell their friends about when they return. Ensure your holiday has an exciting aspect such as encountering wildlife or a physical element like kayaking.

2) Confidence boost

Young adults are just that, young people finding their way into adulthood. Holidays that enable teens to try something new, learn something, or improve a skill will boost their confidence and provide reassurance that you are recognizing their ability to take on more responsibility.

3) Expanding the comfort zone

Heading out to the wilderness particularly for city kids provides an opportunity for teens (and their parents) to release the endorphins that emerge when doing something outside their comfort zone. The best way to do this is of course with an experienced and qualified guide. An adventure company can provide all the elements that balance that adrenaline rush with safety and fun.

4) Competitive spirit

Parents love to teach their kids new things, but magic occurs when teens can show up their parents. An adventure holiday provides the perfect environment to let teens show their parents how much they can achieve. Whether it’s how to tie a knot when camping or racing to the beach after a day out paddling, there are plenty of fun competitions that parents and teens can embark on to add to the day’s exhilaration.

5) Cool status

This one may actually benefit parents the most. What better way to show your teens how cool you are than to book an awesome adventure for your family vacation. Given that they will consistently be rating you on this point, best to keep your cool clout as high as possible.

6) Destinations for ages 12+

Selecting a family vacation that only allows participants over 12 years old tells your teen that you recognize they are no longer a child. This let’s them know they really are a young adult and they fit into environments with a higher level of maturity.

7) Quality family time

Ok, you might not want to mention this one specifically to your teen. But you can almost be guaranteed that time away from the day-to-day routine and out of the realm of tvs, computers, and other digital devices will have the whole family bonding in a new way. From spending time hanging out around a campfire to passing around a purple starfish pulled off a rock, fond memories will be made and recalled for years to come.

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