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World Oceans Day: Show the Ocean You Love it!

World Oceans Day is recognized all over the globe on June 8th. Although we celebrate all of the world’s oceans, there is truly just one ocean that connects all of earth’s continents together.  If you haven’t joined in on the celebration of this worldwide holiday this article will explain more about what it is and why it’s worth taking time for!

Celebrate World Oceans Day together with all mankind

This holiday is unique because everyone on the planet can celebrate it together. Unlike national holidays that are isolated in separate countries, World Oceans Day connects the people of the world together. It does this by encouraging everyone to reflect on how the ocean affects them and how they can do their part to protect the ocean. The ocean affects every single person on the earth even if they are not aware of it. Therefore, we all have a part in it.

On World Oceans Day the ocean gets the love and respect it deserves

So what is so great about the ocean? First of all let’s consider how the ocean affects the planet including the earth’s climate. Without the ocean the earth would be a dry desert similar to Mars which means it would probably be uninhabitable. The ocean provides the water that everyone on the planet needs to drink in order to live! This National Geographic video shows kids how the ocean is the source of all of the water on our planet and explains the water cycle in detail. The ocean also provides 70% of the oxygen that we breathe! Even people who have never seen the ocean are receiving its benefits. As a food source, one out of every six people worldwide eat fish as their main source of protein. In addition to supplying the earth’s population with food, water and air the ocean also provides countless jobs.

You can help protect the ocean by participating in World Oceans Day activities

Although the ocean is vast and powerful it still needs to be protected. You can help do your part by being earth-conscious in your daily activities, and we remind ourselves of this with World Oceans Day. Recycling and saving water and energy around your home and the workplace are ways you can make a difference in keeping the earth and the ocean healthy. Remember it is not just the current generation that should get to enjoy the benefits of the ocean. We need to take care of our planet so that future generations can enjoy it too!

Wildcoast Adventures supports World Oceans Day 100%

Given that all of us at Wildcoast Adventures absolutely love the ocean, it’s not surprising that we are  supporters of World Oceans Day. We have the privilege of witnessing firsthand how amazing the ocean truly is with our regular summertime kayak camping tours. We have a front row seat (literally in the ocean) as we kayak around British Columbia. By being able to explore the pristine waters along the coast, we are also able to observe the sea life and living organisms that thrive in the open waters. By spending time in the ocean you can’t help but gain an appreciation of the waters that cover our planet.

Help spread the word about World Oceans Day

The ocean is undeniably beautiful and is the source of fantastic outdoor activities like scuba diving, sailing, swimming, surfing and our favourite: ocean kayaking. If this is your first time hearing about World Oceans Day it is not too late to participate! Mark it on your calendar! It happens every June 8th. All you have to do is live consciously to protect the ocean. 

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And for more ideas of how you can celebrate check out the World Oceans Day website.

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